ASE - Code of Responsible Automotive Serviceing Practices

ASE - Code of Responsible Automotive Serviceing Practices

 This establishment subscribes to the following code:ASE-code-of-respensive service

  1. Recommend corrective and maintenance services and explain to the customer which of these are required now to correct existing problems and which ar for preventive maintenance.
  2. Offer customer a price estimate for work to be performed.
  3. Obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing or by other means satisfactory to the customer.
  4. Make every effort to keep customer informed about appointments and completion deadlines.
  5. Furnish an itemized invoice for parts and services, priced fairly, which clearly identifies any used or re-manufactured parts. Replaced parts may be inspected upon request.
  6. Furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services.
  7. Exercise reasonable care for the customer's property while it is being serviced.
  8. Fix the customer's vehicle right the "first time."
  9. Maintain a system for fair settlement of customer's complaints.
  10. Cooperate with established consumer complaint mediation activities.
  11. Uphold the high standards of our profession and seek to correct any or all abuses within the automotive industry.
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With 100+ years of combined automotive technical experience, the staff here at Lowe's Automotive Service, Inc. has the knowledge and skills to assist you.

All of your vehicle's repairs and required maintenance are performed to keep your warranty in effect and your vehicle running like new.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and you can rest assured that we take the time to make sure every job is done right the first time.

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