Linda Z.

Audi owner testimonial about his  service & repair experience

Mike, the owner, is not only a man of his word but also goes the extra mile. After doing extensive labor, Mike determined I needed a new fuel pump. I wasn't prepared for such an expensive repair and was in the middle of moving, so I paid for the labor but declined to get it fixed that day, also wondering if I should sell the car.

Mike said that if/when I was ready to get the new pump, he'd replace the fuel pump without charging labor. Months later, I decided it would be cheaper to pay for a new fuel pump than buy another car. Mike stood by his offer and he put in a new pump. Plus, he drove it home just to make sure there were no signs of gas leaks etc. I'm so glad I decided to get it fixed--the car is super peppy and drives like a brand new car! In fact, it has never driven this well in all the time I've had it. He is an excellent mechanic, ethical, and trustworthy. Thanks Mike!.

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