Weylin C.

BMW customer review Lowes Automotive ServicesMoon roof on my BMW was acting up and would not close so I decided to bring it into Lowe's after reading all the 5 star reviews, and they get another 5 stars from me. Pulled up and in under 1 minute was greeted by Pete and Carl, who reset and fixed the moon roof in under 30 seconds....free of charge.

Never saw anything like it at a shop before in my life.

So had them check out the AC which had been blowing hot air. Didn't get a story about needing a new compressor which would've been hundreds of $$ in parts and labor, instead, new belt and charged the compressor, and bam...cold air! So had them check out the brake pads. Pete comes back and tells me tells me they'll be good for a long while still. So got an oil change which was HALF the price of BMW of Sarasota... topped all the fluids which NO ONE else has been doing apparently! Dudes saved me a lot of $$$....Going back soon for tires and sensors... Honest, highly competent, and professional... Bout sums it up!

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