Car Care

Check-ups are important, especially when warranties are involved. Regular maintenance to your automobile through our Service will help keep your car running like new and keep your vehicle qualified for factory warranty protection.

What happens when you pull into a dealership for service and the service writer's recommended-maintenance regimen is different from what's outlined in the owner's manual?

It's a little known reality that many (though not all) dealerships create their own "recommended" maintenance schedules, most often reaching beyond the scope of the car maker's prescription.

There are two motives here:

(1) to help you maintain your car to better-than-average standards, and

(2) to increase dealer profits.

The relative importance of the two varies from dealer to dealer. The dealer-recommended schedule is likely to be more comprehensive and hence more expensive than the manufacturer's requirements. How much of this extra stuff should you have done--or not?

Your usage patterns and intended ownership cycle play a role here.

For example, some owners lease their car and know from day one that they plan on turning it in at the end of the term. As you know lease contracts mandate that you perform only the minimum manufacturer-recommended maintenance, so why pay for more? This same principle would apply if you bought your car and intend to replace it before the warranty runs out. As with the lease, you must do the minimum recommended maintenance to maintain warranty coverage.

Talk to us and we will recommend the maintenance plan which fits your needs.